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मत कहो HAPPY DIWALI 🪔 | Learn Smart English Sentences For #diwali Wishes | Diwali Messages 2022

Saying just HAPPY DIWALI is boring and doesn’t convey your feelings on SMS and WhatsApp or Social media. In this post learn 25 smart English sentences to wish happy Diwali in English to your friends and family, boss & colleagues, social media posts and teachers. I have carefully chosen these Diwali Greetings to express your wishes in a meaningful way to your friends and family. You can send these messages on SMS or WhatsApp to wish happy Diwali and make someone’s Diwali meaningful. The entire team at News Mug wishes you a safe and blessed Diwali, May all your dreams come true.


मत कहो HAPPY DIWALI 🪔 | Learn Smart English Sentences For #diwali Wishes | Diwali Messages 2022

Wish you a cheerful Diwali. 
Wish you a delightful Diwali. 
Wish you an ecstatic Diwali. 
Wish you an elated Diwali. 
Wish you a joyful Diwali.
Wish you a thrilled Diwali. 
Wish you an upbeat Diwali.
Wish you a joyous Diwali.
Wish you a bombastic Diwali.

Wish you a vibrant Diwali.

HAPPY DIWALI 🪔 / Diwali Wishes / Greetings🪔

/ Mesages For Friends and Family, Boss and colleagues🪔

Let lamps guide your family to prosperity this Diwali. 
Let love and hope light up your darkest days this year. 
May positivity and prosperity light up your life this new year. 
May your Diwali be bright and prosperous. 
Praying the Diwali lights to burn out your troubles. 
May the Diwali fireworks bring joy and beauty to your life. 
Wishing you wealth and wisdom this Diwali. 
May light triumph over darkness this Diwali. 
May Diwali bring beautiful new colours into your life. 
Hope your Diwali is lit! 

🪔 Diwali Messages for teachers –

 Thanks for lighting the lamp of knowledge and wisdom in my life. 
Have a great Diwali. Your guidance and support have always brought success to me. 
I wish you a prosperous Diwali. Thank you for always guiding and supporting me. 
I really adore you and wish you a very happy Diwali! Dear Teacher, just the way your light of knowledge brightened my life, I wish that millions of lamps brighten your life with good fortune. 
People find inspiration in Lord Ram, 

but I find inspiration in you, my teacher. Have a blessed Diwali.

Social Media Captions For 🪔 Diwali

It’s the season to sparkle. 
May this glittering festival make us all shine! 
Light a Diya. Say a prayer. Wish for good times and it will be there. 
This Diwali, be the glow that lights up someone’s life.



दैनिक भास्कर और पत्रिका जैसे राष्ट्रीय अखबार में बतौर रिपोर्टर सात वर्ष का अनुभव रखने वाले कमलेश वर्मा बिहार से ताल्लुक रखते हैं. बातें करने और लिखने के शौक़ीन कमलेश ने विक्रम विश्वविद्यालय उज्जैन से अपना ग्रेजुएशन और दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय से मास्टर्स किया है. कमलेश वर्तमान में साऊदी अरब से लौटे हैं। खाड़ी देश से संबंधित मदद के लिए इनसे संपर्क किया जा सकता हैं।

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